Congressman Evans Statement on First Year of Trump Presidency and GOP Government Shutdown

January 20, 2018
Press Release

Today, on the one year anniversary of the Trump Presidency, Congressman Dwight Evans (PA-02) issued the following statement about the implications of the destructive Republican government shutdown to Philadelphia and Montgomery County residents.

“Today marks President Trump’s first year in office and what does the Administration have to show for it? Over the past year we have seen a slew of slanderous tweets, hateful speech and rhetoric, staling, court cases, and general government dysfunction to say the least. Last night’s government shutdown is yet another startling example of the Trump Administration and Republican Party’s inability to put partisanship aside and stop playing games to do what’s right for the sake of the American people,” Congressman Evans said.

“Our small businesses will have had their access to fresh capital stymied and loans delayed, stifling their efforts to grow and thrive. Even a brief government shutdown would cost our small businesses $175 million in capital leverage from just one lost SBIC license approval. On top of this, the City of Philadelphia’s world-class research institutions, many dependent on NIH funding, under the shutdown could be prevented from taking new patients, conducting experiments, and performing life-saving medical research. American family’s ability to borrow essential funds for housing loans will be disrupted; our veterans’ disability and pensions checks could be delayed, essential nutritional support for pregnant women, new moms, infants and young children under the SNAP program could be held up. At a time when our cities and suburbs are scratching for every nickel, this destructive shutdown is yet another way the Republican Party and Trump Administration are depriving cities of vital, valuable resources that prevent future investments that move our neighborhoods forward.  I was elected and brought to Washington to govern not play partisan games with American lives on the line, I am in no way supportive of this shutdown that our neighborhoods have ‘A Lot to Lose’ under,” Evans said.


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