Evans to Join Powerful Ways & Means Committee; New Platform to Fight Poverty, Rebuild Schools & Infrastructure, Protect & Expand Health Care

January 10, 2019
Press Release

Congressman Dwight Evans (PA-03) has been named to the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, which oversees major issues including taxes, trade, Social Security and Medicare. The recommendation was made by the House Democratic Steering Committee.

“I worked hard to get on this influential committee because it means I will have a stronger platform to fight for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the region. The Ways and Means Committee is a place where I can advance my policy ideas to tackle Philadelphia’s 26 percent poverty rate, fix or replace crumbling and outdated infrastructure that includes many schools in Philadelphia, and to protect and expand health care. I can’t wait to work with my colleagues on behalf of all Americans!” Evans said.

As an example, Evans pointed to the first bill he introduced, which would allow public school buildings to qualify for the rehabilitation tax credit to give our public schools nationwide the funds they need to make improvements. It did not see action when Republicans controlled the House.

“My bill to repair school buildings would be an important new tool in the toolbox. Now being in the majority and being on this key committee are both things that will enable me to make a difference for our city, state and region,” Evans said. “This is also why I requested the Steering Committee provide two seats on the powerful Ways and Means Committee to Pennsylvania’s region, which was a key factor in our state getting those two seats. I look forward to working with Chairman Richard Neal and all members of Ways and Means, including fellow Philadelphia Congressman Brendan Boyle, who is also joining the committee.”

Evans said issues the Ways and Means Committee is likely to tackle include: shoring up pensions, revisiting the tax cut for the wealthy and corporations that Republicans rushed through the previous Congress, funding repairs and improvements to infrastructure, requesting President Trump’s tax returns to determine whether he has conflicts of interest, and revisiting the opportunity zones tax credit program to make sure its benefits go to communities most in need.



Media Contact: Ben Turner, Ben.Turner@mail.house.gov