Evans, Kenney and Blackwell Stand United to Promote Agenda that Strengthens our Neighborhoods Block by Block

September 14, 2017
Press Release

Today, Congressman Dwight Evans (PA-02) was thrilled to announce that on behalf of the City Council of Philadelphia, Mayor Jim Kenney and Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell have introduced a resolution to express their support for School Modernization and School Rehabilitation through their resolution which shows their strong support for Congressman Evans’ bill H.R. 922, the Rehabilitation of Historic Schools Act of 2017 and its companion legislation, Senate Bill 1156.

In February 2017, Congressman Evans joined with Congressman Donald McEachin (VA-04) to introduce his very first bill in the House, H.R. 922, the Rehabilitation of Historic Schools Act of 2017. The bill would amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to allow public school buildings to qualify for the rehabilitation tax credit and give our public schools the necessary resources and funds to make improvements to school buildings nationwide.

When we think about the schools in our City, we have a much better sense of what is at stake. Take for example two schools I attended, Robert Fulton Elementary School on Haines Street and Roosevelt Elementary School on Washington Lane; Fulton was built in 1935 and Roosevelt was built in 1922. Both of these schools have seen little to no renovations, upgrades or updates since construction. It does not stop there, my Alma matter Germantown High School, built in 1914, was shut down just shy of 100 years after it opened and has been vacant since 2013 when it closed. John L. Kinsey School in West Oak Lane and Ada Lewis Middle School in Germantown are closed. We know all too well that this list goes on and on.

“Two summers back, at a rally in our City, President Trump asked members of the African American community, ‘What Do You Have To Lose?’ my answer to you Mr. President is good schools,” Congressman Evans said. “Our schools need a little love. From Germantown High School on High Street to Roosevelt Elementary School on Washington Lane, our City has the infrastructure it needs to rebuild and redevelop, we simply need the support and funding in order to deliver the 21st century improvements and updates our students, parents and teachers deserve. We will keep fighting the good fight at the city, state and federal levels because together we can and will build a stronger tomorrow for our children and our grandchildren.”

“The incredibly unique, thriving neighborhoods in our City give us much to celebrate,” Mayor Kenney said. “I have worked hard to create strategic ways to repurpose the existing infrastructure our City has in order to keep our neighborhoods moving forward. I fully support Representative Evans’ School Modernization and School Rehabilitation Bill, H.R. 922, which does a wonderful job of taking the existing infrastructure our City has in order to promote a more flourishing and stable learning environment for our students.”

"We are encouraged and greatly supportive of the legislation H.R. 922 and S.1156,” Councilwoman Blackwell said. “We commend Representatives Evans and McEachin and Senators Kaine and Warner on their efforts and look forward to doing all we can to further support them."



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