Evans Stands with Farmers, Business Owners and Seniors to Oppose cuts to SNAP

March 27, 2018
Press Release

Today, Congressman Dwight Evans (Philadelphia and Montgomery County) joined with farmers, small business owners, seniors, food policy advocates and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients at Reading Terminal Market to highlight the critical role SNAP plays in our city and region and oppose any cuts to the program.

SNAP has been extremely successful and has played a vital role in the continued stability of our neighborhoods. Yet, the Trump Administration and some in Congress seek to undermine the program. For example, the Trump Administration has proposed cuts of $213B to SNAP over a decade, while some members have proposed cuts that would represent a massive increase in the number of people in poverty, which would be devastating to minorities, the elderly, and veterans.

“The SNAP program is the most important part of the social safety net in the United States,” Congressman Evans said. “We have seen firsthand how SNAP reduces hunger, helps struggling families, and boosts our local economies and small business sectors; as SNAP recipients tend to immediately spend their benefits, increasing consumer output. Nearly two million Pennsylvanians benefit from SNAP. I strongly oppose cuts to SNAP because I have no doubt this action would have nothing more than a chilling effect on the quality of life for our residents. I am in the business of ‘doing no harm’ and cuts to SNAP would be more detrimental than we can predict.”

In our five county region, which includes Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester, Bucks and Montgomery Counties, SNAP generated $146M in economic activity just in the month of December 2017. 

“As a proud member of the House Agriculture Committee, specifically a member on the Subcommittee on Nutrition, I will continue to speak out about our need to do all we can to protect a vital safety-net program like SNAP. We have too much to lose if we remain silent,” Evans said.



Media Contact: Becca Brukman, 202-225-4001, Becca.Brukman@mail.house.gov