Evans: What Philly Needs is Peace, Not More Violence

May 30, 2020
Press Release

PHILADELPHIA (May 30, 2020) – Congressman Dwight Evans (PA-03) tonight called for “more peace – not more violence” in Philadelphia.

Evans stood tonight with Mayor Jim Kenney, Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, state Sens. Vincent Hughes and Sharif Street, and leaders of the Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity at a news conference calling for an end to violence in protests in Philadelphia.

“For most of the day, the protest was peaceful – people who are rightly upset by injustice using their First Amendment rights to speak out about that injustice. The vast majority of protesters today came out to be heard, not to harm anyone,” Evans said. “I know this not only from media reports but also because a member of my staff observed much of the protest.”

“Philly already has a gun violence problem. We need to reduce that - not have more violence on top of it!

“Philadelphians can step up to do what the president isn’t doing – increase the peace. Americans need a leader in the White House - not someone stoking division or encouraging violence as we have seen in some of the current president’s recent tweets.

“If the president can’t be part of the solution, he should just be quiet.

“I want to thank the many Philadelphians who have been protesting peacefully. And I want to call attention to this: We all have a powerful opportunity to be heard on Tuesday – a primary election where the nation will be watching to see if we turn out by mail or in person to vote.

“Your vote is a powerful voice for change – when you use it!”

Evans urged Philadelphians to visit www.philadelphiavotes.com for information on returning mail-in ballots or which polling places will be open on Tuesday.

On Friday, Evans welcomed the arrest of the Minneapolis police officer who was seen on video kneeling on the neck of George Floyd, an African American man in custody who was pleading before he died that he couldn’t breathe. Evans called the arrest an important first step.

Evans today repeated his call from Friday: “What we need from our elected officials and police officers is constructive solutions to de-escalate these situations and save lives. For example, I am an original co-sponsor of Rep. Hakeem Jeffries’ bill that would forbid the use of chokeholds, the Eric Garner Excessive Use of Force Prevention Act, H.R. 4408. I urge the House Judiciary Committee to take up that bill as soon as possible.”

Evans represents Pennsylvania’s 3rd Congressional District, which includes Northwest and West Philadelphia and parts of North, South, Southwest and Center City Philadelphia.