Leader Pelosi Announces Rep. Dwight Evans to Serve on the House Committee on Agriculture

January 11, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi announced that the House Democratic Steering Committee for the 115th Congress has recommended Representative Dwight Evans to serve on the House Committee on Agriculture.  Evans has a long history of achievements in combating hunger, increasing access to quality foods in underserved communities and advocating on behalf of farmers. He spearheaded the funding for the state-of-the-art Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture state laboratory, allowing for a three-way partnership to be established with labs and research at the University of Pennsylvania and Penn State University.  Evans was the champion of Pennsylvania’s Fresh Food Financing Initiative (FFFI), a statewide financing program, designed to attract supermarkets and grocery stores to under­served urban and rural communities.  FFFI has been widely recognized as one of the top public policy initiatives in the country. During his tenure in the Pennsylvania state legislature, Evans created the Capitol Hunger Garden which is used to provide fresh produce to food banks in the Harrisburg region.

“I am very proud of my work in Pennsylvania to combat hunger and increase access to quality foods in underserved areas.  I look forward to using my knowledge and experience to advance and promote the important quality-of-life policies of the Agriculture Committee,” said Evans. “Being a champion of food assistance will go a long way to alleviate poverty and help the constituents of the 2nd Congressional District”

According to a recent study by the Congressional Research Service (CRS), 28.2 percent of people are living below poverty level within the 2nd Congressional District.

As a staunch supporter of Agriculture issues, Evans has supported farmland preservation legislation, the Clean and Green program, and has met with farmers and groups in the Agriculture community.  He has visited farms and heard from farmers first-hand on issues impacting them.  Evans has consistently worked to ensure increased funding for Pennsylvania food banks, with over 1,800 local food banks and pantries, lead agencies and soup kitchens receiving local, State and Federal support.