PA Congressman Brady, Boyle and Evans decry return of Syrian families

January 28, 2017
Press Release
PHILADELPHIA --- Congressmen Robert Brady, Brendan Boyle and Dwight Evans today decried the return of two Syrian families who were lawfully entering the United States through Philadelphia International Airport.
Rep. Brady:
“It is outrageous that after they were apparently vetted for years,  and finally having been approved for permanent residency in this country these families were held and returned to a third country within hours of deplaning. This action may be a death sentence for them and is another example of how brain dead policy is dangerous and destructive.” 
Rep. Dwight Evans:
“The Trump administration’s ban on immigrants most certainly qualifies as cruel and unusual. Today was a very sad day in the city of Brotherly Love. The Trump administration has turned its back on some of the most vulnerable people in the world. Philadelphia has welcomed immigrants from around the world for generations. President Trump’s Executive Order is Un-American and reprehensible. We must join together and speak out against the devastating effects of this policy which is unfair and is causing unnecessary fear and uncertainty.”
Rep. Boyle:
"As the son of an Irish immigrant, I am proud of my country's proud tradition of accepting refugees who seek safety in the United States, after a long and thorough vetting process. That tradition should continue.
President Trump's recent executive orders are cruel and un-American.  The fact that he issued these orders on Holocaust Remembrance Day adds a truly bitter irony to this horrible situation. The President's orders turn away people fleeing the evil that we despise. Their application and implementation has caused chaos and confusion and must be reversed immediately."
The three Congressmen, who together represent Philadelphia and much of its Delaware and Montgomery County suburbs, have reached out to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection offices in Philadelphia and Washington, but without response.